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cant open

the app wont open when i click it

Same problem - doesn’t work

I just deleted this app from Launcher - it doesn’t work. When you click on the app there’s nothing.

Works Just Fine.

No problems on iMac with El Capitan.

not user friendly

my opinion, up is good as as easy coonection to dropbox without using browser. But not really user-friendly. Desktop version is mot useful imho. And even with it, every time i press somewhere else than in app area, app getting hide which is really annoying. I checked setting, there are like 3-4 buttons of not important changes.


It literally just doesn’t work, you can’t upload or download or view stuff with it, and it gets glitchy and won’t even display what files are in your drop box. All you can do is see like the names and thumbnails of what is in your dropbox, but otherwise this doesn’t work at all. Scam

What is this?

So, you get an icon in the menubar that has a dropdown window with what looks like your dropbox after signing in. It seems like you should be able to drag and drop files onto it to upload them, but instead a popup window comes up behind it and asks if you want to put the file in the documents folder. I don’t get it. Seems pointless!

Even the pro has practically no functionality

I purchased pro - can I not directly open a dropbox file from this app. To me this app serves no purpose. I hope I’m wrong & not using it correctly, but wouldn’t know because support “is coming soon” So much for being an early adopter.


This APP is a complete waist of time!! DO not bother!!!

i would not even give it a star

sincerly a waste of money and does absolutely nothing! you can’t even add files to it! lame

OMG I can’t even get it to open

Okay, really? I have repeatedly downloaded and installed this app but it will not open. I am over 50, so maybe I just don’t think like this app does, but I am beyond frustrated and hate this kind of garbage in my life. Cus words, Cus words!!

Zero Functionality

You can even upload a folder with this app. it is pointless and a waste of space. Don’t waste your time of disk space for an app that provides nothing.

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